British spies spot links between the Russian communal crisis and the Ukraine war

British intelligence has noted a connection between Russia’s domestic communal crisis and its active engagement in the war against Ukraine.

Thousands of Russians are living without heating through a freezing winter that is breaking the country’s fragile Soviet-era infrastructure.

British intelligence has drawn attention to the heating and electricity problems in various Russian regions, which have been exacerbated by sub-zero temperatures and the demands of Russia’s wartime policies.

According to intelligence reports, Russia appears to prioritize funding for its military expenditures over investments in general state infrastructure, especially following its full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Many regional governments in Russia have been encouraged to finance local volunteer formations, potentially straining their budgets and necessitating cutbacks in infrastructure maintenance.

Additionally, the mobilization effort has seemingly resulted in a shortage of skilled labor across all sectors, including qualified heating engineers and plumbers.

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