What is Culpable?

Culpable refers to the degree of responsibility or blame that can be attributed to an individual for a particular action or event. It is a concept deeply embedded in both legal and ethical frameworks, helping us assess the level of wrongdoing and appropriate consequences.

Culpable in Medieval Times: Understanding Guilt and Justice in the Middle Ages

In the medieval era, which spanned roughly from the 5th to the 15th century, the concept of culpability and guilt was central to the prevailing justice systems. During this period, societies were structured around a hierarchical system, and the enforcement of law and order was largely based on religious beliefs and customary practices. Understanding how the notion of culpability was perceived and handled during medieval times sheds light on the evolution of justice and morality. This article explores the concept of culpability in medieval times, the methods used to determine guilt, and the forms of punishment administered.

The Role of Trials:

Trials were central to determining culpability in medieval times. Several trial methods were employed, and their popularity varied across regions and periods. The most common trials included:

  • Trial by Ordeal: Accused individuals underwent a physically challenging test, such as walking on hot coals or being submerged in water, with the belief that God would protect the innocent.
  • Trial by Combat: Often reserved for knights and nobles, the accused would fight the accuser or a champion, and the victor was considered innocent.

  • Trial by Jury: Although less common, some medieval societies employed juries to decide guilt or innocence.


Influence on Modern Justice:

The medieval concept of culpability laid the groundwork for the development of modern legal systems. Over time, societies moved away from trial methods based on divine intervention, and instead embraced more rational and evidence-based approaches to justice. Nonetheless, traces of medieval legal practices and terminology can still be found in contemporary legal systems.

Culpable the persecutor

For the June 18 cover of TIME on the political attacks launched by White House on Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we turned to Brooklyn-based artist Tim O’Brien. A long-time TIME collaborator, O’Brien has had work appear on over two dozen TIME covers since 1989, with subjects ranging from Pope Benedict XVI to Osama Bin Laden.


North Korea’s leader Kim Jung Un has unexpectedly extended his visit to Russia, where he was meeting President Vladimir Putin for a suspected arms deal.

The pair had discussed possibilities for military cooperation on Wednesday.

Mr Putin also “gratefully” accepted an invitation from Mr Kim to visit North Korea, a Kremlin spokesperson said.


From illustrating for Sesame Street to exposing the New World Order, this is the story of the controversial and recently departed David Dees, unofficial artist of conspiracy theory culture. What sent him down the rabbit hole, and is there a path out?

The Sex-Trafficking of Ukraine’s Girls

As millions of Ukrainian women and children fled Russia’s full-scale invasion, packs of sex traffickers descended on the besieged nation’s borders to “grab” women and children. Sex trafficking, which ranks only behind narcotics and weapons trafficking in profitability, has kidnapped tens of thousands of Ukraine’s citizens.

The pair had discussed possibilities for military cooperation on Wednesday.

Mr Putin also “gratefully” accepted an invitation from Mr Kim to visit North Korea, a Kremlin spokesperson said.

Putin is a monster

This is such Propaganda BS Why didn’t some reporter about the 40,000 children he kidnapped from the Ukrainian families never tpo return. Russia is almost last in world economy. Putin is a monster They have lost 87% of their soldiers and the kill the ones who try to return to Russia.he’s a monster and the world’s leading terrorist . This make then news reporters Culpable in human trafficking. He’s wanted for war crimes no one even asked.. hear the real truth daily from Enlightenment Radio

Congressman Mike Johnson

Congressman Mike Johnson (R)

Elected to Current Office: 2017 Current Term Expires: 2024
Political Offices: LA State House: 2015-2016

Office Information
U.S. House of Representatives
568 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515-1804

Capitol Phone: (202) 225-2777
Fax: (202) 225-8039

Email: N/A
Home Page:

Personal Information
Salutation: Congressman Johnson Gender: M Date of Birth: 01/30/1972
Marital Status: M Spouse: Kelly
Occupation: Attorney
Education: BS, JD, LA State U
Religion: Southern Baptist
Residence: Benton

Committees Rank

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